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We are KEjF.
and this is what we intend to do.

With our cannabis company, we strive to make a change in the industry and establish innovative benchmarks. With the firm belief that collective knowledge is the path to the acceptance; we are committed to promoting education and increasing access to high-quality cannabis-related information. In parallel, we are committed to providing patients with access to the highest pharmaceutical quality cannabis.

Join KEjF.
Educate instead of groping in the dark. — Sido
Join KEjF.
Educate instead of groping in the dark. — Sido
Join KEjF.
Educate instead of groping in the dark. — Sido


Dialogue about cannabis: Germany-wide educational campaign

"What do you think about cannabis?"

Patients, users, medical specialists, psychologists, pharmacists, addiction counselors and educators are just some of the people Sido wants to be heard with KEjF. He wants their voices to be heard. In the intensive exchange with interdisciplinary experts, addiction prevention and, above all, active protection of minors will be of particular importance.

KEjF. is also very concerned to talk about stigmas in order to reduce prejudices against cannabis. Moreover, possible dangers and risks around the topic of cannabis are illuminated in detail.

"Why are you whispering behind closed doors? We need to talk openly about cannabis." - Sido


Medicinal Cannabis: Quality Standard - Craft.

KEjF. medical cannabis strains are hand-selected genetics, selected and cultivated under strict pharmaceutical conditions. Our Craft medical cannabis is grown and harvested with extreme care under GACP (Good Agriculture and Collection Practice).

Further processing is carried out according to the strictest European GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GDP (Good Distribution Practice) conditions. Thanks to our high-quality standards and controlled cultivation processes, there is no need for subsequent irradiation. To continuously ensure quality, we produce small batches that are carefully trimmed, dried and post-ripened (cured) by hand to preserve the valuable ingredients of the cannabis plant.


Brand community: Our Statement.

KEjF. is about more than just a community - it's about a movement. It's about education, sharing, engagement and change.

Together, we can redefine communication around cannabis. Our community is vibrant, curious, and determined to break new ground in cannabis communications.

We are not just a brand, but a movement that challenges traditional boundaries while breaking new ground. Our heart beats to the rhythm of hip-hop - bold, unconventional and always on the pulse of the times. This is how we create a community that is as open-minded as it is knowledgeable and always seeks dialogue.

Whether you're a newcomer, a medical professional, a pharmacist, a patient, a cannabis enthusiast, or just curious - you're welcome to join us. Become part of our movement. Become part of KEjF now.


Sustainability: Mission in our DNA.

Sustainability: mission in our DNA. We believe in the potential of medical cannabis to improve and sustainably enrich people's lives. This creed is deeply rooted in our DNA and drives us to keep learning, exploring and educating. We understand that it's about more than just a plant - it's about a holistic understanding, it's about change.

While we address serious issues, we never forget to have fun together. Because at KEjF. we combine professionalism with a touch of casualness. Our inspiration? The vibrant culture of hip-hop. We bring the beat to the cannabis community.